Crazy Cat

With your crazy eyes


The darkened skies

And lightning

Terrified you shy

And hiding

You remind us

How we love you


WIth your snapping jaws

crazy eyes staring

Scratchy hunting claws


The mouse, we wonder

Why we love you

So much in our house.


Then purring and rubbing

We pour out crackers

And with one last miaow

We know how we need you

to make us laugh anew

And then to see us through.


Well I liked it…

In fact, I loved it. I have read the complaints…what do people expect? It is a movie for goodness sake….and it is full of good ideas, simple but effective graphics, and well a grasp of what it is to make people think. The optimism combined with the greed and self interest of the explorers in deep space rings so true, so utterly and tragically true!

It could not replicate what Alien did all those years ago, and in fact, no science fiction film could. But it leaves you thinking about hypotheticals of the world, what ifs….as all good science fiction should.

Loved it. Haters be damned!


A tabby cat seeks to sit no higher

Than my office desk. Pulling fur

To carpet the floor, it’s true she’d aspire

To hunt the little bird, to purr and sleep.


A tabby cat thinks not of trees

Nor of poetry or how worlds are born.

She notices the early breeze

And sniffs scents of early dawn.


A tabby cat controls the floor.

Persons up and persons down

She has special commands for the door

She waits there and does not make a sound


A tabby cat can be alone

Yes, alone they are often said to be

But when I wander round my home

My little cat loves to follow me.