Do we spend so long watching screens that?!

Why do we spend so much time looking at our computer screen, mobile phone, tablet, and TV?

My answer is:- because it is fun and every now and then we learn things!

What is your answer?


3D Artistry – Making UFOs and…struggling!

Making UFOs is hard if you are an earthling!


Last week in 3DArtistry we learned how to make a UFO. We learnt how to create it initially out of polygons, and then re-create it by using curves. At home, I have tried to make another UFO, but unfortunately I can’t remember a few of the steps. These steps are:

  • Making the leg of the UFO retract. I remember briefly that it has something to do with ‘center pivot’, but I’m unsure on what to do after that.
  • Another step I am also struggling with is how to create the twisted spring on top of the UFO. I know that a stretched, thin cylinder has to have a ‘non-linear bend’ applied to it, but I’m not entirely sure on where to go from there.
  • And although I know how to duplicate the ‘button panels’ on the UFO, I cannot get them to duplicate so that they immediately attach…

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Rodriguez returns….time warp

Rodriguez is back….I thought he was not alive any more. His music used to be everywhere….in fact, it used to drive us mad. But now it is like a time warp, and well, there is looking older, but still definitely him.

But fancy not knowing how famous you were and working all those years on building sites etc, without having to…talk about ripped off! At least he did get to realise in the end.

A great talent actually.