If Castiel were in a female vessel?

NOW THAT IS A FUNNY IDEA!!! Then again, what if Sam were Samantha?

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A thread on the forum sparked my imagination for today’s blog entry. We all no how much Dean loves a real woman, how he flirts with women regularly. When Castiel first came on the scene, many got the relationship and shipped the pair because of their chemistry and attraction. I can see the bond, but as far as the relationship is concerned, I can take it or leave it.

What sparked my thought was, how would we have felt if Castiel was in fact a woman? Would this change our perception of the Dean and Cas relationship if the gender were reversed? Would there have been much more of an attraction if Castiel were a woman not a man? So if Cas was a women would fans have really not liked her. As we no how well women go down on this show, and what reception they often do receive. Would we have felt…

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