3D Artistry – Making UFOs and…struggling!

Making UFOs is hard if you are an earthling!


Last week in 3DArtistry we learned how to make a UFO. We learnt how to create it initially out of polygons, and then re-create it by using curves. At home, I have tried to make another UFO, but unfortunately I can’t remember a few of the steps. These steps are:

  • Making the leg of the UFO retract. I remember briefly that it has something to do with ‘center pivot’, but I’m unsure on what to do after that.
  • Another step I am also struggling with is how to create the twisted spring on top of the UFO. I know that a stretched, thin cylinder has to have a ‘non-linear bend’ applied to it, but I’m not entirely sure on where to go from there.
  • And although I know how to duplicate the ‘button panels’ on the UFO, I cannot get them to duplicate so that they immediately attach…

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