Time travel, black hole, event horizon

There are so many things we cannot understand: take time travel fpr one. In some ways it is possible – objects moving rapidly in space are in a different time relation to slower ones.  So while we cannot go back in time, it is imagineable that those who have travelled away at high speeds, not even approaching light speeds – that if they return, we would all have passed away!

TIme really is a variable.  That is something weird isn’t it?  And then as for black holes and all the rest of it, well wow. Light cannot go inside, but there is an event horizon – check out that film, for a fun encounter with the devil and the beyond of now! 

Angels as Shooting stars

Pretty amazing end to Supernatural don’t you think – well at least till they come back next time!

A pretty weird idea shutting angels out of heaven – a better one than the whole purgatory thing (I must admit now that I did not like those monsters with teeth really, and I am not talking vampires). A beautiful ending actually!

Anyway, I miss them already, and look forward to their return. And Doctor Who is also gone for a few months – what to watch now, I wonder? Even the Shades are gone!

If Castiel were in a female vessel?

NOW THAT IS A FUNNY IDEA!!! Then again, what if Sam were Samantha?

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A thread on the forum sparked my imagination for today’s blog entry. We all no how much Dean loves a real woman, how he flirts with women regularly. When Castiel first came on the scene, many got the relationship and shipped the pair because of their chemistry and attraction. I can see the bond, but as far as the relationship is concerned, I can take it or leave it.

What sparked my thought was, how would we have felt if Castiel was in fact a woman? Would this change our perception of the Dean and Cas relationship if the gender were reversed? Would there have been much more of an attraction if Castiel were a woman not a man? So if Cas was a women would fans have really not liked her. As we no how well women go down on this show, and what reception they often do receive. Would we have felt…

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Crazy Cat

With your crazy eyes


The darkened skies

And lightning

Terrified you shy

And hiding

You remind us

How we love you


WIth your snapping jaws

crazy eyes staring

Scratchy hunting claws


The mouse, we wonder

Why we love you

So much in our house.


Then purring and rubbing

We pour out crackers

And with one last miaow

We know how we need you

to make us laugh anew

And then to see us through.